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UTIMACO’s key management solutions for easy and centralized management of cryptographic keys

Facing the challenge of managing crypto secrets

Every organization faces the challenge of managing its cryptographic keys. The greater the amount of data that must be protected against loss, attack, and misuse, the higher the number of keys that must be used to secure it, hence the more effort involved in managing and handling these keys.

The number one challenge that a key manager should solve is to provide a centralized storage solution for cryptographic keys. Aside from storage, it should also provide the highest level of security, be tamper resistant, and meet industry certifications and standards such as FIPS.

A centralized storage solution must also adhere to compliance regulations and other regional mandates. It should use automation to generate keys, renew, and rotate them. Not all employees need access to the keys, and therefore, the key manager should provide role-based access to keys. Lastly, all of these requirements should be neatly wrapped in a one-time set-up, low-maintenance package.

Key Management made easy by UTIMACO

UTIMACO provides solutions for secure key management to address the challenge of managing crypto secrets. Our key management offerings are complete solutions for generating, storing, serving, controlling, and auditing access to data encryption keys. They enable you to protect and preserve access to business-critical, sensitive, data-at-rest encryption keys, either locally or remotely. Some of the benefits of our key management solutions include:

  • Encryption of keys in-transit and at-rest
  • Separate keys from data to improve reliability and availability. The key managers ensure that the data that you want to protect, and the encryption keys that are created to protect that data are stored in two different locations. This provides a security advantage since it prevents access to both keys and encrypted data in the event that your database is compromised.
  • Streamline key management processes, reduce costs and the risk of human errors
  • Provide a “single pane of glass” and comprehensive platforms for key generation, import/ export, translation, encryption, digital signature, secrets management, and audit reporting
  • Unify your multi-vendor HSM fleet into a single, central key management architecture
  • Serve both large and small enterprises, on-premise and virtually
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