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About u.warn

u.warn Public Warning solutions

Our world-leading products provide powerful and instant emergency/commercial notifications in over 20 countries with more than 1 billion users. We are a global leader of Public Warning Systems (PWS), Mass Notification Systems and the world largest CBC (Cell Broadcast Center) provider.


u.warn is a public warning suite of products that caters for governments, enterprises and other organizations, which seek an emergency mass communication system. u.warn adapts to the various needs of each entity via a variety of delivery channels, including cell broadcast, location-based SMS, customized apps, desktop alerts, email and more. Whilst the system is modular, alerts via all u.warn delivery channels are managed by a single control and management system – the Command Post. The Command Post includes a pre-programmed alerts library and supports various sending modes, either per location or for a group of individuals. 

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