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Build organizational resilience with critical event management

Critical Event Management

Protect people and business assets with Utimaco’s Critical Event Management software (CEM)

  • Comprehensive critical event management: Effectively handle large and small incidents to ensure business continuity and minimize disruptions
  • Proactive measures and automated responses to protect your people and business assets against hazards
  • Built in mass communication module supports multiple distribution channels for the right communication at the right time
  • Post event analysis and risk management strategies to ensure secure handling of critical events from start to finish
  • Pre-defined templates and libraries that facilitate a quick and easy setup

Delivery Time:

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Fast and reliable response to critical events

Act immediately when incidents occur: CEM enables quick communication with affected individuals and triggers automated processes. Protect lives and maintain organizational resilience in any scenario, without wasting valuable time.


Reach everyone in seconds - Multiple dissemination channels to reach people depending on their location

CEM provides multiple dissemination channels, including SMS, email, IVR calls, and custom options like intranet or enterprise software. Instantly reach all individuals, ensuring effective communication in critical situations.


Act with a plan

CEM goes beyond alarming and communication. It intervenes, prepares, and enables efficient action with risk analysis, pre-defined templates, post-event analysis, and fast recovery. Ensure minimal errors and a smooth restoration to normal operations.



Utimaco Critical Event Management: People safety and business continuity at your hands

Utimaco’s CEM empowers organizations to prepare and manage emergency incidents and disruptions. As a SaaS solution, it offers a comprehensive incident management from start to finish.

Equipped with a powerful set of features, the setup is quite simple: You get access to event templates, libraries, predefined area lists, and more. Customizable protocols and permissions for specific roles and responsibilities are readily available, saving you valuable time and effort. With CEM, you do not have to start from scratch, but have the standard protocols for common hazards already at your hands. You can then fully customize the tool to meet your needs and the needs of your organization.

The intuitive interface ensures rapid and effortless operation, even on mobile devices, minimizing response time during crises. The system supports various distribution channels for reliable alert communication and seamless integration with existing communication tools via the built-in API.

Utilize CEM as a powerful tool for disseminating critical management information and communicating urgent matters to your employees. In this way, CEM can help you comply with the NIS2 Directive and other regulations which outline the importance of incident response.

Stay connected, informed, and prepared for all types of crises, incidents, and emergency situations that require immediate action.

Critical Event Management Process


Supports the key stages of the Business Continuity Management process

  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Notification
  • Crisis and Incident Management
  • Seamless Integration of External Critical Events Plugins
  • Post Event Communication and Analysis

Simple and reliable communication

  • Fast and effective communication using the right channels for the right people
  • Customized operation workflows
  • Location-based notifications
  • Multiple alert languages
  • Available as a mobile version to initiate and manage critical event responses

Distribution channels for alarming and notifications in any situation:

  • SMS
  • Call
  • Social Media Channels
  • Apps
  • SIM
  • Email
  • Public Warning channels such as: Cell broadcast, Location Based SMS, Sirens, TV/Radio
  • Custom channels through integrated API

Extensive monitoring and analysis

  • Real-time monitoring of events
  • Data tracking and Logging of all events for post-analysis
  • Organizational risk analysis

Endless scalability

  • Grows with your organization
  • Supports an unlimited amount of users

Easy and fast set up of the system

  • Event templates
  • Libraries
  • Predefined area lists
  • Versatile map technologies
  • Layers, roles, and permissions
  • Customizable protocols and permissions for different user roles and responsibilities
  • Plugins for automatic monitoring

Technical Specifications:

Enables you to fulfill the organizational requirements of risk and incident management according to current regulations:

  • NIS2 Directive
  • DORA
  • Cyber Resilience Act

Hosted in the Utimaco Datacenter in a private cage in Frankfurt, Germany with compliance to

  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • NIST SP 800-53
  • PCI-P2PE

As a Service

CEM is available as a browser-based solution deployed in both desk-top and mobile versions. It is offered as a Service, ensuring ease of access and use. With geo-redundancy options, you can rely on a resilient and robust infrastructure.

On premise

For special use-cases that necessitate on-site installation, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to determine the best deployment approach. Feel free to reach out to us for further details and discussions.

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