LIMS Access Points
Real-time Network Monitoring for LI & DR

Lawful Interception Management System Access Point

Lawful Interception Management System (LIMS) Access Points can be used for targeted interception as well as for the generation of IP data records (IPDRs) for a large range of communications services.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Due to being independent of the serving network, it has no negative impact on performance or availability of the service, and is invisible to subscribers

High capacity

LI probes can be designed to capture large quantities of traffic while simultaneously monitoring thousands of identities.



Probes are segregated from the serving network and protected from unauthorized access



ETSI/3GPP compliant hand-over of intercepted calls and data via ISDN or IP



Real-time Monitoring with LI Probes

For years, telecom operators have been performing real-time monitoring of network connections to achieve various goals, such as monitoring service quality, performing analyses, fraud detection, E911 location, and billing. Non-intrusive taps connect specialized network probes to the network, allowing them to receive a copy of the communications traffic.

UTIMACO offers a range of purpose-built LI probes for various networks and communication services. These probes analyze selected network traffic in real-time, intercept targeted data, and generate data records (xDR).

They are an integral part of the UTIMACO Lawful Interception Management System (UTIMACO LIMS) and of the UTIMACO Data Retention Suite (UTIMACO DRS), thus maintaining a maximum level of data privacy and integrity protection.

Network Access and IP Monitoring

LIMS Access Point AAA detects user logins and device registrations by monitoring RADIUS and/or DHCP data in the core network. When a target is identified, LIMS generates the associated IRI and can also automatically initiate the interception of the correlated IP data, either on IP routers with internal interception function or on one or more LIMS Access Point IPs.


Voice-over-IP monitoring requires deep analysis of the SIP signalling in the VoIP/VoLTE core network. LIMS Access Point VoIP can detect and intercept targeted calls even with call forwarding and in-call conferences in place.

Mobile Data

LIMS Access Point GTP enables the passive interception of targeted data at multiple points in the network of a mobile operator. The traffic can be retrieved selectively from 1G, 10G, and 100G links in the radio access links, core networks, and at roaming exchanges.

Mobile Voice

Calls may be intercepted passively in the radio access network if access to mobile switching centers is not available.. UTIMACO provides custom LI probes for IP-based and TDM-based A- and IuCS- interfaces.


LIMS Access Point e-mail is deployed in the service providers core networks to monitor and intercept targeted e-mails. As with all UTIMACO LI probes, they operate fully transparently without any impact on the service.

VoLTE Roaming

Depending on the mobile network architecture, the traffic of VoLTE roamers is routed back to their home network IMS infrastructure (S8HR). The LIMS Access Point S8HR can intercept such calls transparently on roaming interfaces in the visited network; i.e. without the support of the EPC/5GC.


In order to trace back source IP addresses in a carrier network, high-speed logging of all IP flows through Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT) is required. This computing and data intensive task is a significant burden on carrier routers and can be accomplished more efficiently and transparently by hardware accelerated LIMS Access Points. The probes aggregate and correlate all IP logs with AAA data and forward the records to UTIMACO DRS in near real-time.

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