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IDC Study: Cybersecurity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2022

What can enterprise leaders learn from the DACH region and its cybersecurity approach?

As technology advances and the geopolitical situation evolves, cybersecurity is increasingly in the spotlight. Therefore, IDC conducted a study in which they asked 306 security managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland about their strategies, focus topics and challenges regarding cyber security. The result shows how leaders can better prepare for future cyberattacks.

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The World is in Transition: As a result of Russia’s war in the Ukraine, 45% of the companies taken part in the study will change their cyber preparedness and defenses

Cyberattacks are noticeably increasing: 40% of the respondents have experienced an increase in cyberattacks in the last 12 months

Cybersecurity as a competitive advantage: 64% of the participating companies see cybersecurity as a business driver and competitive factor

In need of special protection: Cloud, backups, and data: Cloud security is very high on enterprises’ strategic priority list due to the acceleration of cloud adoption. With the rise of ransomware attacks, however, the focus is also on data backups, disaster recovery and general data security.

Overall, the following distribution was found among the top 5 security topics:

  • Cloud Security: 34%
  • Secure Backups / Disaster Recovery: 20%
  • Data Security 19%
  • Security Awareness Training: 15%
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM): 14%

Download the complete study for a full top 10 list and other valuable results

+ case study: How a global manufacturer of control systems uses UTIMACO to secure its networked production

Complete study

The IDC report gives hands-on recommendations on a strategic approach to cyber risks. A must read for enterprise leaders!
Top Challenges

The Top Challenges – and How to Master Them

Stay ahead of competition and learn from the surveyed companies in the region - with UTIMACO you can master the top challenges in cybersecurity:



The biggest security problem that DACH companies have to deal with is complexity. How does your company manage this? With UTIMACO at your side, this is no longer an issue: Since 40 years, we have been a provider of high-security technologies for cybersecurity and compliance solutions, offering products, services, and consulting for your cybersecurity needs.


Data protection

We offer reliable data encryption software and a complete data protection portfolio for consistent data protection


Ransomware Attacks

We can help you secure your infrastructure with a zero-trust approach and a public key infrastructure for identifying users, applications and devices.


Skills Shortage

Our “as-a-service” solutions are ideal for companies that cannot access an entire cybersecurity department.


Security of Connected Businesses

Security solutions such as key injection and tokenization enable the secure exchange of IoT devices (learn more in the case study).

Stefan Auerbach


"[Digital data] forms the foundation for successful digital transformation, and as such, securing this data and the underlying digital identities of companies, people and networked devices has never been more important."

Stefan Auerbach – CEO Utimaco

Who was surveyed: IDC conducted a survey of a total of 306 cross-industry companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2022 on their current and future cybersecurity strategies. The companies all employed at least 50 people, but almost all had more than 100 employees. More specifically, it involved the security managers of the companies.

About IDC: Today, IDC is the world's leading provider of market intelligence, consulting services and events in the information technology and telecommunications industries. IDC provides analysis and forecasts of technological and industry trends and potentials, enabling its customers to plan their business strategies and IT purchasing in a well-founded manner.

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