The easy-to-use remote management solution for Atalla HSMs

Secure Configuration Assistant (SCA)

Manage Atalla HSMs in an easy and trusted way

Atalla AT1000
  • Versatile application -based management tool
  • Enable remote execution of various crypto and management operations
  • Enhanced user experience and productivity
  • Provides an easy-to-use graphical user Interface (GUI)
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Managing Atalla HSMs in a trusted manner

Enable Security Administrators to remotely configure commands, define parameters, calculate cryptograms and inject cryptographic keys into Atalla HSMs along with secure product updates.


Remote and local access through trusted entry points

Using the Atalla Secure Keypad (ASK) and Atalla Smart Card Authentication, remotely access Atalla HSMs while complying with the organization’s security requirements.


Easy-to-use graphical interface

Improve the user experience and productivity of the security administrator by providing an easy-to-use GUI with a natural event and decision flow.



The easy-to-use management solution for Atalla HSMs

Atalla AT1000


Secure Configuration Assistant is a tablet -based management tool for Atalla HSMs that can be applied to a variety of use cases

It enables local and remote command configuration, parameter definition, program calculation and cryptographic key injection into Atalla HSMs in a trusted manner.

The easy-to-use and intuitive GUI with natural event and decision flow improves the user experience and productivity with an aim to  reduce errors.

Secure Configuration Assistant can be accessed through two entry point variants.For local or remote management of Atalla HSMs, choose from the options to use Atalla Secure Keypad (ASK) or Atalla Smart Card Authentication  depending upon the organization’s security requirements.

The Atalla Secure Keypad (ASK) is a secure and tamper-reactive cryptographic device (SCD) that is used to manually enter key components and smart card PINs.

All key components and smart card PINs are entered directly into the Atalla Secure Keypad and communicated securely to the smart card, isolating all security- related data items from the SCA or any other components in between.

Atalla Secure Keypad (ASK) comes with a built-in smart card reader, keypad and LCD display that meets PCI and other financial standards.

SmartCard Authentication through Atalla SCA smart cards can be aligned with the individual security policy of the organization. By personalizing the SCAR smart cards to individual cardholders, such as security administrators, IT managers, or executives and defining the minimum number of cardholders required to approve each type of security action, this enables organizations to set up individual access models.

The communication between Atalla SCA and the Atalla HSMs is executed through a symmetrically encrypted channel.

Atalla SCA Backup Operator Smart Cards are used for replicating and restoring Atalla HSM configurations on new or restored HSMs.

Supports Various Keys

  • AES 128
  • 246-bit keys along with legacy single-length DES
  • 2-key and 3-key triple DES
  • Public key cryptography Atalla Key Block key management
  • Legacy variant key management

Secure Multi-factor Authentication

  • Enforces quorum based multi-factor authentication using smartcards

Smart Cards

  • Atalla SCA-3 Backup Operator Smart Cards provide “L of M” quorum control for quick replication of configurations on both local and remote Atalla HSMs
  • An organization can define its own security policy by setting the minimum number of cardholders to approve each type of security action




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