What is Cloud Adoption?

Definition: A cloud adoption framework is a structured approach to help organizations adopt cloud computing technologies and services. Cloud adoption is a process through which individuals, businesses, and organizations transfer their computer operations, data, and applications to cloud-based platforms.


Cloud Adoption explained

Cloud Adoption Explained Cloud adoption is a comprehensive set of guidelines, best practices, and tools designed to help organizations plan, implement, and manage their cloud migration journey.

The cloud adoption framework typically includes a number of phases, including:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Readiness
  • Migration
  • Governance
  • Ongoing monitoring, and assessment.

These phases help organizations in assessing their existing IT infrastructure, identifying workloads that are suitable for the cloud, developing a cloud architecture, establishing governance and security policies, migrating data and apps to the cloud, and monitoring and optimizing their cloud environment.

Without having to invest in and maintain their own physical IT infrastructure, cloud adoption can enable organizations to access a wide range of computing resources, such as virtual servers, storage, and databases, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The appropriate cloud service provider and cloud deployment model (public, private, or hybrid) can be selected depending on an organization's business requirements, financial circumstances, and IT capabilities with the use of a cloud adoption framework. To ensure user and cloud adoption success, the framework may additionally address change management, training, and communication strategies.

Organizations use cloud adoption as a strategic move to cut costs, reduce risk, and achieve scalability of database capabilities. Depending on the extent of their requirement, an organization may have one or more levels of cloud adoption.



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