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Manufacturing & IoT

Transition to Digital Manufacturing

With digitalisation, developments such as Industry 4.0, digital manufacturing and smart factories are increasing.

Digital manufacturing ‘leverages technology to improve manufacturing processes’ resulting in creation of a ‘smart’ factory that is a connected, networked and fully automated environment, using real-time data analytics to optimize the entire manufacturing process. It also includes improved optimization of resource planning, product and process design, factory capacity utilization and increased production output- reducing time, cost and performance.

Digital manufacturing seeks to produce highly customizable products with higher quality and lower costs by integrating IIoT, big data analytics, cloud storage, and autonomous robotics into manufacturing plants.

A digital manufacturing ‘smart factory’ platform is built upon a dynamic federation of private and public networks requiring end-to-end security that enables the integration of services by providing functions such as, authentication, authorization, privacy and message integrity to ensure ‘trust’ across various devices.

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Digital Signatures

Electronic seals leverage PKI certificates to offer the highest levels of security for safety-critical and sensitive collaboration use cases of service providers and cross-corporate integrated automation processes. In compliance with regulations such as eIDAS, they also provide legal assertion and probative evidence throughout the lifespan of the manufactured product or system.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PKI ensures confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of sensitive data. Encrypting data at rest and in transit guards it against theft, tampering or malicious manipulation.


Code Signing

HSM-based code signing is the most secure way to physically and digitally secure code. If the code is tampered with after signing, then the signature will be invalid and no longer trusted. Signing keys are protected and can only be accessed by authorized users or systems.


Data and Database Encryption

Effective database security has become increasingly important- without a comprehensive strategy, a great deal of sensitive data could be at risk. Database encryption using HSMs protects and secures sensitive data.


Cloud Service Architecture

A hybrid cloud solution embraces architectures of decentralized manufacturing processes in an agile, seamless, traceable and secure way. Data security and privacy regulations require that data transfer from and to the Cloud service as well as at rest is continuously encrypted.


Multi-cloud Key Management

Bring-your-own-key concept allows to securely and remotely generate & manage keys across the hybrid cloud and the complete life cycle, retaining full control over the data, and assuring data security and privacy at any time and at any location.


Post Quantum Crypto Agility (Future Proofs and PQC)

At this time, no quantum computer can run quantum algorithms, however once they are able to, these computers will decimate the security infrastructure of the digital economy. Post-quantum crypto-agility is a necessity for the manufacturing and IoT infrastructure to be able to evolve in the advent of a new generation of attacks and consequently evolving cryptographic standards and algorithms.


5G Security

With 5G networks being built on software based models, ensuring security from the infrastructure layer to the application layer is an essential factor for consideration. HSM-protected 5G creates secure channels between devices and the bank.



The integration of HSMs into a blockchain solution secures the privacy and security that may be lost by distributing proprietary software to an untrusted network of blockchain operators. By storing private keys and data within the HSM, data integrity and user authentication can be dramatically improved. Proprietary code can even be stored and run fully within an HSM to protect intellectual property.


Machine Identity Management & Security of IoT Components

Key injection – giving each component a unique electronic identity, increasing the authenticity of the device. With a unique ID, delivered by key injection, IT system administrators can track the device throughout its lifecycle, monitoring and revoking privileges, as required.

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