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Payment HSM as a Service

Outsource your Payment HSMs to a fully managed, globally accessible, cloud-based service

MYHSM is the first multi-vendor, fully managed Payment HSMs service provider, offering secure and highly available host connections to two of the world’s leading HSMs manufacturers –Utimaco Atalla AT1000 and Thales payShield 10K.

The MYHSM service is compatible with all major payment applications, is multi-cloud and provides a unique and globally accessible service offering to the whole payment ecosystem.

Connect seamlessly to a group of Payment HSMs of your choice to secure tasks such as PIN protection and validation, transaction processing, mobile and payment card issuance, and key management.

Find out more about the MYHSM services here.

MYHSM Service Overview

MYHSM Service Overview Chart
Business value

Business value


Reduce Your Total Cost

Convert capex to opex with a dynamic subscription model to align with your business growth


Access a Fully Managed Service

Providing a fully managed Test, Shared or Dedicated HSM Service, removing the complexity of Payment HSMs


Embrace the Cloud

Payment Applications, whether running on-premise or in cloud services environment, can connect securely to a group of payment HSMs as an “edge of cloud service”


Disaster Recovery

A group of HSMs are deployed in geographically separate data centres providing 99.999% availability, protecting you against unplanned outages


Keeping up with PCI Requirements

Let MYHSM take on the burden of maintaining the PCI DSS and PCI PIN compliance of your Payment HSMs with full evidence available to your own auditors


Speed to Market

Leave the HSMs to MYHSM and focus on getting your products to market. New MYHSM clients can be onboarded quickly with a seamless rollout from test, to pilot, to live transactions



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