Post Quantum Crypto Agility

Post Quantum Crypto Agility (Future proofs & PQC)

Quantum supremacy and the ever increasing threat

Quantum computing is on the brink of becoming a reality and has the potential to revolutionize computing, communications and artificial intelligence. However, getting into the wrong hands, this technology will be able to decipher asymmetric algorithms. While symmetric algorithms with sufficient key length are currently believed to be secure, some of the main asymmetric algorithms used to protect critical infrastructure, software updates, payment mechanisms, media streaming, IoT devices, connected cars, government or financial secrets or documents will become compromisable.

Standardization bodies like NIST have so far only identified “candidates” which are promising, although still need to pass the test of time. However, they are most likely to evolve or be exchanged based on new evidence and advances in cryptographic science.

Given the high probability that Quantum computing will emerge during the life span of any newly purchased IT architecture, the systems should be quantum proof based on current understanding and also crypto-agile to gradually adapt, with evolving technology and knowledge.

Utimaco provides solutions which are quantum proof as well as compliant to industry regulations and combines this with a crypto-agile overall setup, allowing for rapid upgrades to new status quos with low involvement of costs and manpower.

Business value

Business value


Quantum Resistant Cryptography

Creates a crypto agile, future-proof infrastructure and tools for:

  • Applying PQC algorithms
  • Digital Certificates
  • Code Signing
  • PKI
  • Quantum Key Generation & Distribution
  • Key Injection (IoT)
  • Hybrid Certificate
  • Random number generation
  • and provides hardware backed PQC algorithm support.

Compliant product firmware extension

  • Is and remains in full compliance with NIST candidates and recommendations by BSI (Federal Office for Information Security, Germany).
  • Provides a quantum safe product extension for SecurityServer Se Gen2/ CSe-Series and simulators.
  • Ensures PQC consultancy for the right choice of algorithms and roadmap towards quantum-safe IT security infrastructures.

Remote Access

Supports remote distribution of keys to deployed (POI) terminals through Remote Key Delivery


Software Simulator included

Included simulator allowing for evaluation and integration testing to benchmark the best possible solution for each specific case

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