Secure Digital Transformation
Cloud Services

Secure Digital Transformation

Businesses survive by being agile and getting new products and solutions to market. Migrating to the cloud has become one of the most important elements of digital transformation for a successful, modern enterprise.

A strategic transition to cloud services frees up company time and human resources to spend on higher-value activities that align with the priorities and goals of the business. Companies that adopt the cloud, deliver new services to market more quickly, innovate more efficiently and develop more successfully - all within a safe and secure environment.

One of the reasons for delaying a cloud migration is a continuing attachment and dependence to on-premises data centers. However, adding capacity and resources to an on-premise infrastructure requires focus, is costly and requires considerable efforts to maintain.

Utimaco assures secure migration to the cloud that is both agile and cost-effective. The customer stays in control of data and data security, of policies and compliance to regulations.

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Digital Signatures

The prerequisite of cloud-based collaboration between persons or entities is a secure and non repudiable identification process for remotely cooperating entities and persons.


Multi-cloud Key Management

Bring-your-own-key concept allows customers to retain full control over data and data encryption at any time and at any location. This allows migration of bulk data from local data centers to the cloud and back in an encrypted form.


Cloud Service Architecture

Fully containerized and true multi-tenant cloud HSMs allow for specific firmwares and policies per container. Customers can set up their required infrastructures in compliance to industry-specific regulations. They can replicate the same security frameset which they have in the local data center, all while harnessing the advantages of the cloud.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PKI ensures confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of sensitive data. Encrypting data at rest and in transit guards it against theft, tampering or malicious manipulation.


Compliance for data security and privacy

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