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Energy & Utilities

Securing the Energy & Utility Infrastructure across all endpoints

All over the world, significant resources have been heavily invested in “smart” initiatives to transform the Energy and Utility sector into a digital, intelligent, innovative and sustainable ecosystem, and this process will continue for the next several decades.

As energy infrastructures are a fundamental resource for today’s way of life, they need to be extremely secure against different types of cyber-attacks.

Today’s energy and utility networks are highly connected infrastructures that play a pivotal role in the delivery of critical services. It consists of thousands of connected endpoints, such as power generation facilities, energy providers, and other players in the energy and utility market, including smart metering and smart grid devices.

As the energy and utility sectors are key components and a part of each country’s critical infrastructure, they are highly vulnerable to an attack.

Sabotage, manipulation, blackmailing, and the threat of a partial or complete blackout are all risks posed by a connected environment that is not sufficiently protected. Furthermore, the data these networks generate, collect, use, exchange, and store can fall victim to cybercrime. As a result, they must ensure that the data accessed, used, and exchanged is impossible to be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Preventing these threats necessitates the adoption of appropriate cybersecurity solutions that provide the highest levels of protection for all endpoints and data.

Use cases

Use cases for Energy & Utilities


On-premise Data Security for Energy & Utilities

The digitalization of the energy sector as well as the increased use of smart metering, consequently demands cybersecurity solutions for secure market communication.


Security for Cloud-stored Data for Energy & Utilities

Data security in the cloud is essential to preventing data loss, breaches, and failure of critical infrastructures while providing efficient and real-time reporting.


Smart Metering

Smart Metering provides full transparency and higher efficiency in the use of water, gas, and electricity. Based on multiple connected endpoints and continuous collection and use of data, require extensive and reliable protection.


Smart Grid

By synchronizing the capabilities of specific electricity networks, Smart Grid provides unprecedented transparency for energy providers based on information collected by the smart grid’s components at multiple connected endpoints.


Secure Communication throughout all market players

Complex digital infrastructures within the energy sector require robust communication security in order to build a sustainable future.


Future-ready Digital Infrastructures in Energies & Utilities

As part of critical infrastructure, the security of the digital infrastructure in the Energy and Utility sectors as well as the reliable protection of data that is handled, is a high priority.


Implementation of Applicability Statement 4 for electricity market communications (german)

Basierend auf der stark digitalisierten Kommunikation zwischen den unterschiedlichen Akteuren der Marktteilnehmer Strom ist eine stärkere Absicherung dieses Informations- und Datenaustauschs unerlässlich und ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Sicherung der kritischen Infrastruktur in Deutschland.

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