Cryptographic Identity for Components

Cryptographic Identity for Components

Vehicles can no longer be seen as just a mechanical system - they embed dozens of electronic control units, safely components and infotainment devices. If these components are manufactured without defenses, a hacker might find ways to manipulate vehicular communications by interception.

Each component requires an identity to provide protection against manipulation . This ensures the ‘integrity’ of the vehicle assets across the entire vehicle lifecycle. Use cases could be:

  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)
  • Internal vehicle functions
  • Aftermarket products and suppliers

Using multiple suppliers and technologies creates vulnerable weaknesses in the supply chain which in turn will have serious repercussions on consumer safety as well as brand if a component was attacked.

Secure identity commences during the manufacturing process where cryptographic key injection gives every component an identity.

Utimaco assures device security and data privacy throughout the complete device life-cycle from manufacturing (key injection) through device operation (PKI) to end-of-operation (key termination).

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Key Injection

The route to secure identity commences during the manufacturing process when components are enhanced through cryptographic key injection. Key injection gives every device an identity and needs to be generated by an HSM.


Machine Identity Management & Security of IoT Components

Key injection- giving each component a unique electronic identity, increasing the authenticity of the device. With a unique ID, delivered by key injection, IT system administrators can track the device throughout its lifecycle, monitoring and revoking privileges, as required.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Automotive devices are operated within PKI-Infrastructures, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of sensitive information. Encrypting data at rest and in transit guards it against manipulation or interception.

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