Complete protection of digital infrastructure

Complete Protection of Digital Infrastructure in Automotive

Both vehicle manufacturers and the digital infrastructure of the vehicle require extensive protection

The vehicle development phase consists of initial R&D to testing to physical assembly and hardware integration, with software playing a major part. Even the manufacturing systems used during each stage of vehicle development incorporate software to improve efficiency and productivity. Interconnections between different stages are common in modern manufacturing.

The greater the involvement of software and more interconnected systems, the greater the chances of cyberattacks. The first point of attack during vehicle development can be the smart manufacturing systems followed by the individual digital components manufactured.

To enable the complete security of the vehicle and manufacturing facilities, each digital system or component must have its unique identity and authenticate itself whenever and wherever required. Identification and authentication can apply to personnel if they have digital identities.


Applications for Complete Protection of Digital Infrastructure in Automotive


Zero Trust Security

In a Zero Trust Architecture, continuous validation at every stage of a digital transaction is required. This overcomes limitations of other principles built upon implied trust zones and limits the risk of internal and external threats.

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