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pqc general
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Types of Post Quantum Cryptography Public Key Schemes and what to expect from the NIST Standardization Process

We're looking at the type of cryptography based on certain “hard mathematical problems” that are considered secure against quantum computers.
post quantum cryptography
Blog post

Stateful Hash-Based Signature Schemes – Hidden Champions of Post Quantum Cryptography

A light introduction to stateful hash-based signatures, their suitability for quantum-resistance and how to solve the state handling challenge.
pqc general
Blog post

Preparing for the Post Quantum World: Key Insights for Cybersecurity Professionals

As quantum computers become capable of breaking asymmetric cryptographic algorithms that underpin our digital security, there is a need for new, quantum-resistant standards.
Keymanagement for walltes, blockchain
Blog post

Blockchain at Risk: Can Quantum Computing Break Blockchain?

Explore quantum computing's disruptive potential across industries and its challenge to traditional cryptographic systems, including blockchain.
Post Quantum Cryptography
Blog post

The Quantum Revolution vs. Cybersecurity: Ensuring Resilience with Post Quantum Cryptography

Navigating the quantum leap in the cybersecurity domain demands a proactive and agile approach towards quantum-resistant cryptography.
light-blurred road
Blog post

How to Leverage the Opportunities and Prepare for the Threats of Quantum Computers in the Automotive Industry

We dive into the opportunities that quantum computing offers automotive industry.
Early Warning for Regional Government
Blog post

How to Leverage the Opportunities and Prepare for the Threats of Quantum Computers in the Government Sector

Discover the transformative potential of quantum computing in the government sector. Harness opportunities, tackle threats, and ensure cybersecurity.
Energy & Utilities
Blog post

How to Leverage the Opportunities and Prepare for the Threats of Quantum Computers in the Energy & Utilities Industry

Quantum computing has emerged as a game-changing technology with the potential to revolutionize various industries.
IDC Study industrial iot
Blog post

Quantum Computing in the IoT Industry: Opportunities and Threats

How to Leverage the Opportunities and Prepare for the Threats That Quantum Computers Could Bring to the IoT Industry
PQC Mnufacturing
Blog post

Leveraging Quantum Computers in Manufacturing Industry: Opportunities and Threats

We explain how the manufacturing industry can leverage the opportunities that quantum computing provides while remaining mindful of the possible threats.
 digital pattern
Blog post

Post Quantum Cryptography: Different Angles to Address an Urgent Matter

In this article, we review post-quantum migration recommendations based on research by security experts from the NSA, BSI, ENISTA and ETSI.
Blog post

Quantum Computing for Banks and Financial Institutions - Transformative Opportunities or a Threat to the IT Security Infrastructure

In this blog, we explain how banks and financial institutions could leverage the opportunities of quantum computing.

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