Macsec in car communication
Automotive & Integrated Mobility

MACsec Protected Security For In-car Communication

Securing the data on connectivity links (Ethernet) between Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

With car technology rapidly increasing, various advancements such as high-powered entertainment systems, navigation, interactive systems, driver response performance, are seen in the market. To support them, Ethernet is becoming an essential part of the Automotive E/E Architecture as a connectivity link that connects various ECUs for the aforementioned high-end applications.

With the need to protect the data transported on Ethernet, a data security protocol, like MACsec, is used. MACsec provides point-to-point security on Ethernet links. This enables the confidentiality of transmitted data in the network of ECUs, preventing disruption and data loss caused by unauthorized parties.


Applications for MACsec In-car Communication


Key Injection

Secures payment processes and identities of smart devices by injecting keys generated by HSMs.



Replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens enables secure business operations without sharing sensitive information.


General Purpose Hardware Security Modules

Enables key generation, storage, and exchange. Addresses various performance levels and physical security requirements while fulfilling compliance and regulatory mandates.


Public Key Infrastructures

Establishes trust relationships between connected entities such as devices, networks, applications and users. PKI is a long-proven technology providing the foundation for secure authentication, confidentiality in communication, and the integrity of data generated and exchanged.


Code Signing

With code signing, organizations can prove that their software is trustworthy and end users can, in turn, verify the authenticity of files and program code.

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