Securing the authenticity
Automotive & Integrated Mobility

Securing the authenticity of parts and components

The automotive industry is increasingly using IoT devices and networked components for manufacturing processes.

These components are frequently produced by automotive suppliers rather than the car manufacturer. As a result, a lucrative market for counterfeiters has emerged, promising high margins. A study commissioned by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) cites a total annual loss of 7.6 billion euros due to counterfeiting in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

There are physical solutions to this problem such as serial numbers, however there is also a need for digital solutions to ensure the authenticity of these parts and components.

A digital counterpart to this is the process of key injection which injects a cryptographic key into the components. This provides each part with a unique identity which can be then verified by the manufacturer.

Another method for authenticity is blockchain technology which can be used to enhance the traceability and automation of the manufacturing process. For example, blockchain can help to combat odometer mileage fraud as the mileage of a car is captured and validated via a ‘digital logbook’, and in turn, is protected from manipulation.

For the secure identification of devices, applications, and users, the manufacturers can use Public Key Infrastructure for the generation, issuance, renewal, and revocation of certificates.

Utimaco provides specialized Hardware Security Modules for blockchain-based solutions, including PKI and key injection for the purpose of creating trust across all connected devices and components.


Applications for securing the authenticity of parts and components


Secure blockchain-based solutions

Specific generation of private and public keys used for blockchain transactions and secure storage of all related digital assets in a blockchain.


Public Key Infrastructures

Establishes trust relationships between connected entities such as devices, networks, applications and users. PKI is a long-proven technology providing the foundation for secure authentication, confidentiality in communication, and the integrity of data generated and exchanged.


Key Injection

Secures payment processes and identities of smart devices by injecting keys generated by HSMs.



Replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens to enable secure business operations without sharing sensitive information.

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