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Accelerating Security in Software-Defined Vehicles with Key Management Solutions

The growing connectivity and reliance on software in vehicles emphasize the paramount importance of resilient security measures. Key management solutions are instrumental in enhancing the security of software-defined vehicles, also known as connected or smart vehicles. 

In this article, we look at how key management solutions are crucial in ensuring vehicle security, access control, and operational efficiency.

Software-Defined Vehicles - Enhanced Benefits Require Advanced Security

What are Software-Defined Vehicles?

Vehicles that heavily rely on software for their functioning, control, and features are known as Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs). These vehicles have powerful computing capabilities and utilize advanced software algorithms to control everything from infotainment and driver assistance features to autonomous driving capabilities. 

The concept of a Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) involves a clear distinction between hardware and software components, enabling the vehicle to receive updates and upgrades. It operates autonomously, can learn and adapt, maintains constant connectivity, interacts with its surroundings, and facilitates service-based business models.

What are the benefits of Software-Defined Vehicles?

Software-Defined Vehicles offer several advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced safety with anti-collision systems and driver assistance,
  • Elevated comfort through integrated infotainment systems supporting music and video streaming,
  • A better understanding of vehicle performance through telematics and diagnostics for improved preventative maintenance,
  • The ability for manufacturers to introduce new features and capabilities through over-the-air updates.

As automotive technology advances and vehicles become more interconnected, they increasingly depend on cryptographic keys for essential functions such as securing communication channels, verifying user identities, and safeguarding sensitive data

Cryptographic keys play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and genuineness of data and communications within the vehicle's system.

The Increasing Number of Cryptographic Keys

During the vehicle manufacturing process, cryptographic keys are generated and programmed into different components, including ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communication modules. These keys play a vital role in securing the vehicle's software and communication channels.

The rising number of cryptographic keys in vehicles can be attributed to the growing amount of electronic control units (ECUs) and sensors in modern vehicles. These ECUs oversee diverse systems such as engine control, infotainment, and safety features, among others. Each ECU may require unique cryptographic keys to ensure secure communication and safeguard sensitive data.

Using unique keys is essential for efficiently tracking ongoing operations with various suppliers and monitoring vehicle parts in the automotive industry. Keys uniquely represent specific items or components within the supply chain or vehicle manufacturing process.

The increasing use of cryptographic keys in vehicles is motivated by the necessity to secure communication between different vehicle components, protect sensitive data, authenticate users, and defend against cyber threats. These keys are crucial in upholding the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data transmitted within the vehicle's network and with external systems, such as cloud services and other vehicles.

The Importance of Key Management Solutions in the automotive industry

A key management solution ensures the integrity of each vehicle component, across the entire vehicle lifecycle, including:

  • Traceability - Unique keys enable precise positioning of components across the supply chain
  • Inventory Management - each vehicle part has a unique key, making it easier to manage inventory levels
  • Supply Chain Management - unique keys provide a method to identify and track components
  • Data Analytics - keys serve as identifiers related to various vehicle parts and suppliers. Data can be leveraged for insightful analytics
  • Fraud Prevention - unique keys help in detecting fraudulent activities such as counterfeit parts that enter the supply chain - unique keys enable accurate identification of affected components and vehicles
  • Supplier Management - unique keys allow for monitoring of various projects with different suppliers, allowing for evaluation of progress and performance
  • Recall and Warranty Management - unique keys allow for the identification of affected components, streamlining the recall process
  • Compliance and Regulation - unique keys assist in meeting compliance by enabling accurate documentation and auditing processes

The automotive industry heavily relies on incorporating unique keys into a well-organized key management solution to ensure seamless operations, foster successful collaboration with suppliers, and elevate security and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Securing cryptographic keys at the vehicle development stage is essential to vehicle security since each component of the software-defined vehicle can be a potential attack vector.

Challenges in Implementing Key Management Solutions in the Automotive Industry

The expanding number of cryptographic keys utilized in vehicles presents challenges in managing them effectively. Essential for ensuring security and data protection, implementing key management solutions has its own unique set of challenges and must involve the following:

  • Generation: To ensure the confidentiality of encrypted data, encryption keys must be generated securely.
  • Distribution: Encryption keys must be securely distributed to authorized users and devices.
  • Storage: To prevent unauthorized access, encryption keys must be stored securely.
  • Key Rotation: Regularly rotating cryptographic keys is essential for maintaining security.
  • Strong Authentication: To ensure that only authorized parties have access to cryptographic keys, strong authentication mechanisms should be implemented.
  • Revocation: When encryption keys are no longer required or in the event of a security compromise, they must be revoked.
  • Backup and recovery: In the event of a disaster or loss, encryption keys must be backed up and recoverable.
  • Scalability: A requirement to meet the demands of a growing infrastructure as the number of keys and systems increase.
  • Centralized Key Management: A centralized approach to key management helps ensure that all keys are stored securely and that access to them is strictly controlled. 

The implementation of a well-designed key management solution in the automotive industry remains vital in upholding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data, and creating a secure environment for an organization's critical systems and assets. The challenges in implementing a key management solution require meticulous planning, comprehensive testing, and continuous monitoring to ensure the successful establishment of a robust key management solution.

Key Management Solutions for Automotive: Reducing the Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles

Utimaco's key management solution (KMS) is designed to provide the automotive market with automated, compliant, flexible, and user-friendly features. It efficiently addresses all key management challenges through a centralized interface, offering a comprehensive platform for key generation, import/export, translation, encryption, secret management, and audit reporting.

By enabling a fully automated process, Utimaco’s KMS eliminates the challenges and risks associated with key management by providing a fully automated process designed to manage the keys at OEMs location as well as the Tier 1s. The same solution also applies to external parties, eliminating the need for different key management solutions. A security log is also established at this time to document all key generation, usage, and signing-related activities.

For more information on Key Management and Software-Defined Vehicles, read our White Paper. Find out more about how Utimaco’s KMS can provide a flexible end-to-end solution to ensure the security of cryptographic keys throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle while adhering to best practices for key management.



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