Market trends

Market trends

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Infographic HSM on-premises and in the cloud

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) on-premises and in the cloud

A detailed comparison between HSM solutions on-premises and in the cloud
Digital Survey Infographic

Between opportunities, concerns and uncertainties (german)

Utimaco study sheds light on trust and data handling online.
Infographic Digital Security Survey

Possibilities, Concerns and Insecurities: (spanish)

La Encuesta de Utimaco Explora la Confianza y el Manejo de Datos en Internet.
Infographic how to choose HSM

Choosing an HSM that suits your needs

Consider 8 relevant criteria to help select the right Hardware Security Module.

Successfully implementing IIot (german)

Industrial IoT in Germany.
IDC MC Studie Dach

Cybersecurity 2022 Dach (german)

Strengthening Business with Digital Trust.
Infographic zero trust

Revolutionizing Security – the Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust is a security concept that assumes no trust between users, devices, or networks, requiring constant verification and strict access controls to protect against potential threats.
Infographic HSM

HSM – Hardware Security Module

A hardware security module (HSM) is a trusted physical computing device that provides extra security for sensitive data by secure generation and protection of cryptographic keys.
Trust in digital services UK

The Trust of the UK in IoT and Smart Home Devices in an International Comparison

A large proportion of people in the UK have already adopted smart home devices, with smart TVs being particularly popular, while the uptake of their active IoT usage is still quite low.
Trust in digital services

The Trust of the UK in Financial Services

While people living in the UK clearly prefer cashless payment methods, there is still some reservation when it comes to their perception of security.
Trust in digital services UK

Das Vertrauen der Deutschen in IoT und Smart Home Geräte im internationalen Vergleich (in german language)

In den letzten Jahren hat sich das Vertrauen der Deutschen in digitale Dienste allmählich erhöht, aber es besteht immer noch eine gewisse Skepsis.
Trust in digital services

Vertrauen in digitale Dienste (in german language)

Es ist möglich, dass weitere Entwicklungen, Verbesserungen in Bezug auf Sicherheit und Datenschutz sowie eine verstärkte Aufklärung das Vertrauen in digitale Dienste wie Finanzdienste und IoT in Zukunft stärken werden.
Trust digital services Infographic

Trust in digital Services (US)

A large proportion of people in the US have already adopted smart home devices.
Level Cybercrime

Levels of Cybercrime (US)

Have you ever been a victim of data loss, identity theft or fraud online?
HSM Infographic ES

Hardware Security models (spanish)

Infografia Por quemimplementar un HSM
Trust in financial services spain and mexico

Trust in Financial Services Spain and Mexico (spanish)

Mientras que en España el nivel de confianza es similar a otros países como Singapur y EE.UU
Trust in smart home devices spain and mexico

Trust in Smart Home Devices Spain and Mexico (spanish)

España y México están entre los países más preocupados por la seguridad de datos IoT ante un posible hackeo.

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