Automated data retention solution for key storage

Automotive Vault

Automated data retention solution for key storage

  • Seamless integration into existing automotive infrastructure
  • End-to-end integrity to prevent unauthorized access & manipulations of sensitive data
  • Simultaneous loading of existing data volumes and fast query processing

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Secure Vault

Hardened and protected hardware designed against unauthorized access, data loss, and data manipulations. Designed for data and key material normalization and fast data search export.


In-built Scalable Database

Based on the business requirements, it is scalable from 1,5 TB to multiple petabytes.


Strong Operational Security

Strong role-based access control and fully auditable operations ensure robust security.



graphic automotive Vault


Automotive Vault is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built management system for secure data retention and fast data retrieval. The system is customizable and supports various protocols to ease integration into existing standard and custom applications.

The software-defined vehicles (SDV) are forming the base of the automotive industry. These vehicles are constantly generating data about their surroundings as well as the occupants of the vehicle. The data collected includes battery, chassis, brake performance, GPS navigation systems, autonomous driving information, etc. The vehicle data is shared with other connected devices and systems via internet.

Along with data generated from vehicles, it is also necessary to protect the data generated while manufacturing the parts and components of the vehicle. The manufacturing keys and other such sensitive data are essential to be archived and available for an extended period.

The collected data is an excellent source for various use cases like predictive analysis, litigation, accident investigation, security incident investigation, regulatory requirements, IP preservation, etc.

While much of the data required is being stored already for backup purposes, the regulations like ISO/SAE 21434, ISO/PAS 5112:2022 and WP.29 (R155 & R156) put some cumbersome and potentially costly challenges on companies regarding data protection, response times, and completeness of the information.

Automotive Vault incorporates a configurable workflow management system that reduces operational expenses by automating the administrative tasks of request handling and delivery of search results to authorized recipients.


Secure data management system

  • Seamless integration into existing automotive infrastructures
  • A granular rights management system to securely segregate between networks, users, and external parties
  • Simultaneous loading of existing data volumes and fast query processing
  • End-to-end integrity preventing unauthorized access and manipulations of sensitive data during storage and handover
  • Satisfies the highest availability demands and disaster resilience.


  • Remote access via https
  • Secure data transmission
  • Full audit trail
  • E2E Data integrity protection (optional)
  • Encrypted storage (optional)
  • Hardened operating system

Technical Specifications:

Processes & Services

  • Key Material (Symmetric key,  Asymmetric keys, Elliptic curve)
  • Certificates
  • Automotive (Vehicle Identification Number (VIN))
  • Any kind of numeric and alphanumeric IDs 
  • Telecommunication (Call Data Records CDR, IP Data Record IDR, any kind of fixed/mobile phone numbers, Email, Social Media IDs)
  •  Other Data (Timestamp, Location)


  • Loads up to 1 Million records per second (on one server)
  • Average performance for standard search: 5 sec per 1000 query results

Fulfills various security compliance mandates

  • GDPR
  • CCPA


Our on-premise option allows hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

  • Appliance

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