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Circles of Trust: How the UK Public Perceives Digital Risk

About the white paper

Life In A Digital Age - Surveying internet users across the UK & how the UK public perceive digital risk

This white paper provides an insight into how the UK public perceive risk and safety in the digital ecosystem.

Take a closer look at:

  • How digital services have now become the norm, and how digital service providers, which can be governments or companies, have a requirement to build high levels of public trust
  • Public trust in a range of critical areas within the digital society, including automotive and connected cars, the requirement for digital access to the healthcare, and the public sectors necessity for digital access to government services
  • How demographics, populations, and levels of education determine how the value of digital services  are embraced
  • Trust in a digital society. A breakdown of demographics and responses detailing levels of confidence and security when using online digital services
  • Age demographics detailing those that have been victims of identity theft, data loss, and fraud
  • Trust and knowledge. How key findings detail the public's understanding with regards to the levels of information collected and stored
  • How gathering, transforming, and storing data has increased dramatically and why this data has a requirement to be kept safe and secure at all times

The purpose of this whitepaper is to emphasize an effective approach to security when providing digital services, and how it is vital to create a ‘root of trust’ that ensures the public that they remain safe online and that their sensitive data is kept secure and protected at all times.

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