Plug and charge

A holistic approach to solving EV’s toughest ecosystem challenges

Seamless charging experiences while ensuring compliance with ISO 15118

This white paper provides a holistic view of EV charging infrastructure, catering for Electric Vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (EV OEMs), Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) suppliers, E-Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs) and Charge Point Operators (CPOs). It is specifically designed to provide valuable insights and guidance to these key stakeholders in the electric mobility ecosystem.

Seamless charging experience while ensuring compliance with ISO 15118 is possible with managed services like Irdeto’s Keys & Credentials and CrossCharge, combined with Utimaco’s HSM and Incyde’s foundational security experience.

Take a closer look at:

  • EV Market Insights
  • The EV Ecosystem and its Challenges
  • Plug & Charge technology and requirement of ISO 15118
  • How Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) plays a role in digital certificates that are base of security for ISO 15118
  • Hardware security modules (HSMs) as a root of trust in your PKI environment
  • Summary & Outlook: ISO 15118 beyond Plug & Charge, and Post-quantum & EV Charging

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