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Quantum Computing: The World beyond ones and zeros – a Threat to Classical Cryptography

About the white paper

The field of Quantum Computing is rapidly advancing and causing some cyber security officers’ sleepless nights.

The US National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) is aware of this issue and has initiated a process to select and standardize PQC algorithms through several evaluation rounds. Their decision will influence organizations worldwide.

In July 2022, they presented four algorithms to be standardized, as well as a few more which are under further investigation.

Download our whitepaper to get a detailed overview of NIST’s algorithm selection.

Take a closer look at:

  • How Quantum Computing works
  • The status quo and the development of quantum computers including examples
  • How quantum computing threatens classic cryptography
  • NIST’s standardization process on PQC algorithms with a detailed look at the candidates
  • A checklist on what to consider when migrating to post quantum cryptography
    Utimaco’s solutions for a quantum-proof cyber security infrastructure

Are you already familiar with quantum computing and post quantum cryptography and looking to start planing your organization’s PQC migration?

Test your infrastructure’s readiness for PQC algorithms

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