Automotive & Integrated Mobility

Connecting and Securing your Journey

The automotive industry is undergoing a radical change - from private transport to integrated, autonomous or shared mobility.

As the complexity of cyber attack competition intensifies, security risks for the connected automotive industry have become elevated with the requirement for stringent security measures and attested devices becoming paramount.

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly. Whilst new technology and players emerge alongside passenger expectations; the industry’s traditional role of  a ‘hardware provider’ shifts to a ‘provider of connected mobility and transportation solutions’, ranging from new digitally enabled services to the software-driven, battery-operated, artificially intelligent, autonomous vehicles of the future. Furthermore, significant differences in mobility innovation is anticipated across individual cities based on their local conditions and needs.

Digitalization with such applications will penetrate ever deeper into the core areas of vehicles. In turn, large amounts of data is produced and requires secure, resilient and vigilant cyber security considerations in order to stay one step ahead of hackers and other adversaries.

Solutions for Automotive & Integrated Mobility


Secure Digital Transformation

The world of connected automotive continues to evolve- further digitizing sales and service processes, unlocking the value of data, improving user experience and widening the focus from one-time vehicle purchase to a broader ongoing relationship of mobility service utilization; a security-by-design approach will become the enabler.


Unbreachable & Dynamic Integrated Mobility

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications allow vehicles to interact with service providers and infrastructure. Emerging opportunities are countless, driven by connectivity, big data, AI and composite provider ecosystems. Potential damage would be catastrophic, if security is breached. Solutions range from end-to-end data encryption to blockchain security solutions.


Cryptographic Identity for Components

Cryptographic technology enables strong encryption and identity validation. An attested device protects connected transportation of data from vulnerabilities that could lead to anything from data interception to vehicle takeover.
The route to secure identity commences during the manufacturing process when components are enhanced through cryptographic key injection.


Securing the most valuable Assets in the Automobile Life Cycle

Cars are becoming more digitized, increasing the need for cybersecurity solutions to protect operational and personal data. As not just the car itself but also its parts, manufacturer and related service getting more and more connected, the number of vulnerabilities and potential security and threat vectors arise.

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