Data Privacy & Compliance

Patient data is not only vital for managing an individual’s care, it also plays an important role in increasing the patients expectations and to ‘humanise’ a data-rich patient-clinician experience through secure communication. This leads to a robust technology requirement as information must flow for the entire system to function as information is shared;

  • Storing medical data from different sources
  • Storing medical data from medical devices
  • Full or limited access to data by the patient and authorised specialists, when necessary

Ensuring that information is processed lawfully and fairly, and is kept secure for as long as necessary, is a common value of everyone involved within the Health sector.

Cryptography plays a major role in the implementation of secure systems: confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PKI ensures confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of sensitive information. Encrypting data at rest and in transit guards it against theft or tampering, and guarantees that digital identity provides secure authentication of users and applications to protect against fraud.


Data and Database Encryption

Effective database security has become increasingly important- without a comprehensive strategy, a great deal of sensitive data could be at risk. Database encryption using HSMs protects and secure sensitive data.


Digital Signatures

Digital signatures leverage PKI certificates to offer the highest levels of privacy for regulated and sensitive document use cases like patient databases, health cards, eHealth devices, and various documents and agreements. In compliance with regulations such as eIDAS, they also provide legal assertion for medical personnel and patients alike.


Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication securely restricts access to confidential health information and reliably identifies the user through qualified and legally compliant electronic IDs. Privacy is assured continuously by certified and audited trust service providers.


Post Quantum Crypto Agility (Future Proofs and PQC)

At this time, no quantum computer can run quantum algorithms, however once they are able to, these computers will decimate the security infrastructure of the digital economy. Post-quantum crypto-agility is a necessity for the financial services infrastructure to be able to evolve in the advent of a new generation of attacks and consequently evolving cryptographic standards and algorithms.

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