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Encryption software with easy migration from Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise / SafeGuard LAN Crypt

UTIMACO u.trust LAN Crypt

Sophos has announced the end-of-life for SafeGuard Enterprise and SafeGuard LAN Crypt File Encryption. UTIMACO u.trust LAN Crypt is the perfect successor: The data encryption software is based on the same technical foundation and offers seamless migration of your keys. Ensure the continuous protection of all your files with an uncomplicated migration. No re-encryption needed!

Looking for a new file encryption solution? 

Here are five reasons why u.trust LAN Crypt is the perfect solution if you’ve been using Sophos:

1. Seamless migration for continuous data protection

u.trust LAN Crypt has its roots in Sophos’ technology. Both solutions share a common origin and technical foundation, which guarantees a seamless migration – without complicated re-encryptions. 

2. Convenient import of Sophos keys

u.trust LAN Crypt supports the same file format and encryption algorithms as SafeGuard Enterprise / SafeGuard LAN Crypt. After importing all keys, you can read every file which has been encrypted with the Sophos solution. There’s absolutely no need for touching any of your encrypted files for the migration.

3. Cross-platform access on all devices

u.trust LAN Crypt is available on the same platforms as SafeGuard products. It runs on desktop platforms such as Windows and macOS and on mobile devices running Android, iOS or iPadOS, including the latest versions. It also supports terminal servers and VDI environments.

4. No changes in your organization’s working routines

Encryption keys can be migrated easily and securely from Sophos into u.trust LAN Crypt. Encryption policies are also defined similarly. Thus, administrators can continue managing and deploying policies just like they’re used to and users won’t notice any difference in file access. This includes files that have been encrypted with SafeGuard Enterprise / SafeGuard LAN Crypt, even years back.

5. Separation of duties for highest security

u.trust LAN Crypt follows a strict role split approach between network and security management. Thereby it protects your data not only against external, but also against unauthorized internal access. You can flexibly manage access rights for sensitive and personal data, fulfilling local compliance rules like GDPR.

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