Automotive Trust Suite
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Automotive Trust Suite

Autonomous, Electrical, Connected, and Shared Mobility disruptions are real, and even more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

What are our observations about the automotive industry?

In parallel with other industries, the automotive industry is also becoming more software-driven in order to improve vehicle performance and to stand out in the market. The above disruptions force every stakeholder across the automotive industry to revisit their strategies around these key areas of change.
ECUs, Digital Car Keys, eFuse, sensors, power doors, infotainment, and other smart components, are interacting to improve driver and passenger comfort. These smart technologies are not limited only to vehicles; they can also communicate with smart infrastructures and cloud systems for real-time updates, congestion detection, weather forecasting, and other purposes.

What are the challenges for the automotive industry?

With the growth of interconnected systems, modern vehicles are controlled by electronic systems. These electronic systems consist of various software and connectivity enabling vehicles to have specific features and services; however, it also leads to increased threats from malicious attacks. The optimal way to protect the devices and communication is by providing identity to devices, securing communications, and enabling authentication wherever and whenever required. This is made possible due to encryption keys.  

The security of the encryption keys contributes to creating trust in connected devices. However, the number of keys in modern vehicles is increasing. Currently, there are around ~ 150 ECUs, equal to +150 keys per vehicle. Keys are also used to secure other devices and communications. The main challenge for cybersecurity is key management throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

The main challenge for cybersecurity is key management throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

Understanding this challenge, Utimaco developed Automotive Trust Suite, which secures keys based on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for various use cases while meeting core solution requirements.


Solutions Requirements

Parts & Componentsxx 



Utimaco’s Automotive Trust Suite Portfolio

Utimaco’s portfolio includes the following use cases, and continue to expand:

Chart automotive trust suite portfolio


Use Cases

Use Cases


MACsec In-car Communication

MACsec protects data transmitted between different ECUs over connectivity links such as Ethernet.


Device Attestation

Device Attestation is the root of trust for securing the physical and technical quality of the vehicle as well as the services applied. All parts and information must be authenticated at each access point and with each information exchange.


Firmware Over-the-air Security

Firmware Over-the-air (FOTA) enables secure remote software/firmware updates for the number of smart systems and components for the vehicle. FOTA is used to keep smart systems or components (such as ECUs) up to date with remote security updates.


Data Vaulting

Efficient and secure purpose-built management system for secure data retention and fast data retrieval; designed against unauthorized access, data loss, and data manipulations.


Vehicle-to-Everything Security

Vehicle-to-Everything communication helps the information exchange between the vehicle and its surrounding elements like vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure. It is critical to secure this communication in order to protect a vehicle as well as all other elements.


Digital Car Key Security

With the rise of digital car keys, the user of the vehicle can lock, unlock, or start the vehicles using only a smartphone. To prevent vehicle hacking, secure data transmission from the digital key to the vehicle is required.


eSIM Provisioning

eSIM in vehicles enables secure flexibility with worldwide cellular connectivity. Secure eSIM provisioning for vehicles prevents attackers from gaining access to vehicles anywhere in the world.


Post Quantum Cryptography

Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is pivotal in ensuring the long-term security of communication and data in the automotive industry, as it focuses on cryptographic algorithms that remain resistant to quantum attacks.

Our portfolio will expand with more solutions:

  • Plug & Charge for EV
  • In-Car Payment
  • Lawful Interception
  • Device Provisioning Application (DPA)

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