What is a Cell Broadcast Message?

Definition: A Cell Broadcast Message is a form of short text message that mobile network operators send to a large number of mobile devices in a given geographic area. This technology, also known as Short Message Service Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) or simply CB messaging, allows operators to send information simultaneously to all devices within the designated broadcast zone.


A Cell Broadcast Message explained

Cell Broadcast messages are generally utilized for emergency alerts, public safety warnings, and other informational broadcasts that must reach a large number of people rapidly. Unlike ordinary SMS messages, which are sent individually to specified recipients, CB messages are sent once and received by all devices within the broadcast area, making it an efficient way to contact an extensive number of people.

CB messages are displayed on mobile phone screens, and depending on the handset's settings, it may also vibrate or emit a specific, very loud alert sound that is reserved just for this form of broadcast. 

Cell Broadcasting messaging is strategically positioned to reach individuals most vulnerable during emergency events, for example, visitors and tourists traveling through floodwaters or near wildfires, who may be unaware of any hazard and are unlikely to be registered with any warning service.

Utimaco provides a public warning suite of products that cater for governments, enterprises, and other entities.

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