On-premise data security telecommunication

On-premise Data Security for Telecommunications

Providing cybersecurity as an essential building block for telecommunications

The telecommunications industry must meet strict standards for data protection and data security.

This task becomes more challenging as the number of devices increases – as do the number of connections and the amount of data that is shared over the network.

Telecommunications providers have a requirement to prioritize the protection of user data and the security of their communication channels. Since telecommunications is one of the most competitive and fast-growing markets in the world, a data breach exposing customer data would significantly harm reputation and revenues.

In addition, telecommunications service providers also collect behavioral user data for the purposes of advertising, market research, and collaboration with third-party providers. This data has to be anonymized and protected in accordance with data protection standards such as GDPR.

Utimaco provides specialized cybersecurity for Telecommunication providers: from 5G security to data protection and specialized Hardware Security Modules for subscriber identity protection.


Applications for On-premise Data Security for Telecommunications


Software-based File and Folder Encryption

Reliable data encryption at the file and folder level to protect data against unauthorized access and to fulfill data protection regulations.


Key Management

Sensitive data must not only be encrypted, but also kept secure while in motion, in use, or at rest. Reap the benefits of properly managing your encryption keys.


Secure File Sharing

Enables secure but easy-to-manage data sharing with third parties without running the risk of data interception.


Post Quantum Cryptography

Strong, quantum-resistant lattice-based and stateful hash-based cryptographic algorithms for encryption and digital signature use cases.



Replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens enables secure business operations without sharing sensitive information.


Hardware Security Modules for General Purpose Use Cases

Enables key generation, storage, and exchange. Addresses various performance levels and physical security requirements while fulfilling compliance and regulatory mandates.

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