Reliable proof in time
Lottery & Gambling

Reliable Proof in Time for Submission of Bets and Cashing-Out

Online Betting and Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling on the web. Providing all customers with fair conditions whilst building trust across the industry requires reliable proof in time of the submission of bets, cash-out and payment transactions.

Placing a bet or cashing out at a value determined at that precise point in time can be a thrill-factor for users of online lottery and gambling. Each vendor of betting and lottery must build customer confidence in the dependability of their products and systems. This is particularly important online when no actual person is present to survey the accuracy of the gamble, such as in casinos or on-site lottery locations.

Ensuring the reliability that bets and cash-outs are entered and submitted prior to the cut-off point are considered and that none were submitted after is ensured by using cybersecurity applications. These solutions are crucial for ensuring the reliability of the systems in terms of the precise and unforgeable proof of point in time when a cash-out was made, or a bet was placed. Therefore, these cybersecurity applications are working as the trust enabler for online betting and lottery, across the industry.


Applications for Reliable Proof in Time for Submission of Bets and Cashing-Out



Providing reliable proof of time, highly secure, and accurate timestamps are an ideal solution to enable trustworthy digitalization of business processes and ensure reliability for many use cases across all industries.

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