Highest security for connected production environments
Manufacturing & IoT

Highest Security for Connected Production Environments

Connected production environments enable transparent, continuous, and harmonized production. They are defined as digital networks made up of physical and digital entities, such as devices, systems, and software.

In connected production environments, every piece of information can be fed into one central overview, providing full transparency, and the ability to analyze and plan production, including production downtimes for maintenance and service works. Using this technology avoids unnecessary prediction or uncertainty about the status of each entity (e.g., is a specific machine underused or overburdened, what is the maintenance status of each machine, what is the output of each plant).

The advantages of utilizing a connected production environment are evident. However, digital connection and data exchange is also posing a significant risk.

Each connected entity and each access point to single entities could be a potential entry point for an intrusion if it is not properly protected. Identity and Access Management is a key component in securing a connected production environment. Unauthorized access to this digital environment, as well as the data generated, used, and stored, is actively managed, protected, and secured using reliable digital identities and access right management.


Applications for Securing Connected Production Environments


Public Key Infrastructures

The building block for establishing a trustworthy and secure environment of connected entities. PKI is the foundation for secure authentication of entities, confidentiality in their communication and integrity of data generated and exchanged by them.


Data Access Management

Manage and control which teams, departments, and single employees have access to certain kinds of data.


General Purpose Hardware Security Modules

Enables key generation, storage, and exchange. Addresses various performance levels and physical security requirements while fulfilling compliance and regulatory mandates.

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