Critical Event Management for Telecommunications

Fast Response to any critical event for telecommunication businesses

Communication service providers (CSP) play a dual role in the topic of warning solutions. While they are responsible for providing the essential infrastructure for public warning solutions, they are also tasked with formulating their own comprehensive critical event management plan as an organization.

Recognized as an integral part of the critical infrastructure, these providers have an obligation to establish robust systems that can effectively respond to unforeseen challenges. The importance of maintaining their own business resilience cannot be overstated. Rapid response to cyber incidents and other potential attacks is a must, given the ever-evolving threat landscape.

In addition, communication service providers must ensure the safety of their employees, both in the office and on the road. This responsibility extends not only to their services, but also to the well being of their workforce.

For these use cases, a critical event management system is invaluable. Not only does it help mitigate external threats, but also helps manage events that could threaten business continuity. For communication service providers, these events could include network disruptions, cyber attacks targeting their infrastructure, or damaged radio masts.

Utimaco offers a well-structured critical event management system that enables organizations to proactively prepare themselves for any incident. Customized processes and alerting mechanisms can be tailored for each unique critical event, enabling rapid execution the moment a crisis hits. With such measures in place, organizations are prepared and do not waste valuable time during emergencies or serious incidents. In a world of uncertainty, this approach maintains operational integrity and protects both resources and personnel.


Applications Critical Event Management in Telecommunications


NIS2 Compliance

Meeting the business continuity requirements of the NIS2 Directive with Critical Event Management


Location-based alarming on private 5G networks

Instant incident detection and alerting in private 5G networks


Risk Analysis

Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach – preventing incidents from becoming a crisis


Cyber Incident Response

Fast and reliable reporting, response, and recovery of cybersecurity incidents with a Critical Event Management System


Emergency Management

Be prepared for any kind of emergency with Critical Event Management


Business Communication

Prevent incidents from becoming crises with the right business communications


Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures the operational continuity of companies and organizations in extreme situations.


Post Event Analysis

Monitor, track, and analyze critical events to optimize your internal processes for incident response

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