Digital customer onboarding
Lottery & Gambling

Digital Customer Onboarding

Trust is good, control is better – verification and onboarding procedures for online casinos and lotteries

Gambling is a highly-sensitive industry – and ultimately, the prime goal is about making money, for both parties. As online gambling has increased in popularity, the customer onboarding process has now shifted to being fully digital.

The onboarding process does not only consist of the customer completing a straightforward online registration form but one that also entails verification checks that take place behind the scene. These can include ID checks, age verification, verifying payment methods as well as identifying at-risk customers - these are consumers that need to be identified in terms of assessment of affordability and identifying vulnerability. This protects both the consumer and online provider from unaffordable gambling.

Whilst online operators have a requirement to make online gambling fairer and safer for the end consumer, they also need to consider high-value customers, and therefore, these enhanced checks are required and a ‘Know Your Customer’ outcome is imperative. This is also carried out for the purpose of preventing identity theft moving forwards.

Online casinos and lottery organizations must also adhere to legal regulations, which have a significant impact on the digital onboarding process in addition to their own requirements. These include Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) which includes customer interaction moving forward- customer spend, time spent gambling, behavior and patterns, and use of gambling management tools.

Example regulations that need to be fulfilled are:

  • Bank Secrecy Act (USA)
  • EU 4th Money Laundering Directive
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act (Malta).

Utimaco provides solutions that support verification processes such as Public Key Infrastructure and the issuance of qualified electronic signatures, as well as cybersecurity solutions that ensure the protection of sensitive data which must be collected by the providers.


Applications for Digital Customer Onboarding


Qualified Electronic Signatures

Reliably identifies the signer and protects the document against tampering or forgery, Qualified Electronic Signatures are regarded as the most secure method to digitally prove a subject's identification and acceptance of the content of a document.


Public Key Infrastructure

Establishes trust relationships between connected entities such as devices, networks, applications and users. PKI is a long-proven technology providing the foundation for secure authentication, confidentiality in communication, and the integrity of data generated and exchanged.


Converged HSM

Enables true multi-tenancy on a single platform. Deployed as HSMaaS supporting general purpose, payment, and all other use cases and compliance requirements.


Multi Factor Authentication

Enables certificate-based authentication to authenticate employees, devices, machines, IoT endpoints or payment transactions – the use of an HSM as hardware Root of Trust ensures maximum security.


Key Management

Sensitive data must not only be encrypted, but also kept secure while in motion, in use, or at rest. Reap the benefits of properly managing your encryption keys.

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