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u.trust Anchor – Building Trust in the Cloud

About the white paper

About the white paper

Discover How to Integrate Payment & Multi-Purpose Use Cases in a Containerized Scalable & Multi-Tenant Platform

This white paper illustrates how the u.Trust Anchor provides a modular, pre-assembled, scalable and truly multi-tenant solution for Payment as well as general purpose use cases to eliminate security threats and risks.

Take a closer look at:

  • How an all-in-one solution for payment use cases such as encryption of payment card transactions and secure card issuance systems can be secured by u.Trust Anchor

  • How the u.trust Anchor can run multiple firmware stacks whilst keeping all stacks separate from one another, ensuring true segregation and multi-tenancy

  • How the above addresses multiple use cases and compliance mandates such as PCI compliant payment transaction processing

  • How consolidation of an HSM infrastructure enables cloud services providers and enterprises to offer HSM-as-a-service on a single platform, offering complete scalability and flexibility.

Find out how hardware utilization can be maximized by introduction of a scalable hardware service- u.Trust Anchor - combining FIPS, PCI-HSM, eIDAS and CC compliance on a converged cryptographic platform for Payment HSM and general purpose HSM use cases.

Building Trust White Paper

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