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Government & Public Sector

Securing citizens, digital communication, and internal data for the Government and Public Sector

Public institutions must set an example in the secure handling of digital data and communications, whilst creating a legal framework for other organizations.

Both the Government and Public sectors are dealing with highly sensitive, personal, and classified data that should always be protected. Given the severe consequences of a security breach, it’s critical for these sectors to build on reliable and proven cryptographic cybersecurity solutions that take into consideration the key issues of trust, identity management and privacy. Furthermore, governments have to implement an emergency mass communication system in order to reach people quickly during national emergencies.

The Government and Public sector are investing and driving digital transformation across all channels:

  • Government to Government
  • Government to Business
  • Government to Citizen
  • Government to Employees

The use cases range from government identity cards, electronic voting, taxation and health care records, through to internal cloud data storage, public warning systems and hyper-connected public services. The results surmount to improved productivity and an enhanced public experience.


Use cases for Government & Public Sector


On-premise Data Security for Government & Public Sector

Ensuring the protection of data at rest, in use, and in motion with reliable encryption and access management – including certified solutions for classified data handling.


Zero Trust & Privacy by Design for Government & Public Sector

Following a “never trust, always verify” approach and data privacy guidelines when building up the internal IT infrastructure and external communication channels.


Security for Cloud-stored Data for Government & Public Sector

Enabling the same security levels for data stored in the cloud as on-premises – including encryption, access management, and data authentication.


Issuance of Legal Documents

Granting authentication of digital documents with the creation and verification of qualified electronic timestamps, signatures, and seals according to the eIDAS regulation.


e-Government solutions

Offering digital services without media disruptions to citizens and organizations while still fulfilling all cyber security guidelines and protecting sensitive and personal data as well as business secrets.


Hyper-Connected Public Services

Introducing uniform standards, platforms, and processes across all public organizations to improve cooperation.


Securing the Critical Infrastructure

Protecting critical infrastructures against cyber-attacks and closing internal security gaps with certified cyber security solutions.


Public Warning Solutions

PWS, Cell Broadcast-based PWS (Public Warning System) have become a priority for authorities worldwide regarding public safety of citizens in life-threatening and emergency situations.


Digital ID Cards and Passports

Equipped with RFC technology, passports and ID Cards provide forgery protection and data reconciliation. Ensuring security and integrity of the data stored on the identification documents, reliable protection is a must.

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