Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Scalable & Multi-tenant Security for Cloud Services

Critical sectors like Banking, Automotive or Health are moving to the Cloud. CSPs rely on strong multi-tenant, secure architectures, in compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations.

Recent months have seen an unprecedented openness to transition to the public cloud.

However, such a transition must happen within the frame of sector-specific requirements and regulations. Tenants need to be hermetically separated from each other, all within a secure infrastructure, governed by policies and protection mechanisms in compliance with their industry standards.

The quantity of simultaneously performed security-relevant digital processes requires high performance such as in high frequency transaction processing, identity and access management (IAM) for securing the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise, data handling or bulk invoicing.

The Root of Trust to financial services or enterprise-grade security processes are Hardware Security Modules (HSM), generating, safeguarding and managing cryptographic keys to perform encryption and decryption functions.

Utimaco provides fully containerized cloud HSMs with individual firmwares industry specific firmware and changeable policies per container. FIPS, Common Criteria, GDPR and PCI compliance, eIDAS compliant infrastructures for non-repudiable digital signing or the use of quantum-safe algorithms assure compliance with the most critical industry segments. Bring-your-own-key enablement keeps the customers in control of their security, preventing the CSP from any exposure to unencrypted data. Nevertheless, integrated multi-cloud key management is possible and allows the CSPs to offer their clients a fully managed security environment.


Cloud HSMs & Compliance

Building the root of trust of CSPs, Utimaco provides fully containerized Cloud HSM, with configuration, individual policy and firmware per container, allowing for full multi-tenancy and rapid elasticity and scalability. Customers can optionally remotely manage keys (BYOK) or use the adjacent key management system. The HSM provides compliance with major regulations in security-sensitive industries. Block-chain ability and crypto-agility is an integral part of the cloud HSM infrastructure, easily blending into any cloud and as-a-service architecture.


Secure Digital Transformation

Transformation from on-premise solutions to the cloud is error-prone and resource intense. Utimaco’s data-center and cloud HSM and Key Management Solutions assure secure migration of data across multiple infrastructures. At all times, data security and privacy as well as customer’s control and ownership is given.

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