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Cloud & Cloud Service Providers

The adoption of cloud and cloud-based services continues to be a significant trend throughout all industries. A core objective for all parties involved is in making the cloud, as well as data and applications stored or hosted in the cloud, as secure as on-premises.

Complete Security for Cloud and Cloud Services

Securing the cloud starts with strong security of the cloud setup and effective access management, ensuring that only authorized parties can enter their cloud partition. This aspect is particularly important for public and hybrid cloud solutions, especially for their use in critical sectors with high regulatory compliance requirements and a need to fulfill industry-specific standards, such as Banking and Financial Services, Automotive, and eHealth.

Similarly, Cloud Service Providers must provide their tenants with hermetically separated partitions from each other, all within a secure infrastructure, governed by policies and protection mechanisms in accordance with their industry standards. The quantity of simultaneously performed security-relevant digital processes requires high performance, such as in high-frequency transaction processing, identity and access management (IAM) for securing the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise, data handling, or bulk invoicing. The same applies to providers of private clouds, such as those used for non-commercial purposes in large companies.

Besides providing the required performance and secure cloud architecture, the protection of cloud-stored data is essential.

In line with l cloud-setup requirements and use cases, UTIMACO is able to provide the appropriate solution to enable cloud-based digital transformation.

Use cases

Use cases for Cloud & Cloud Service Providers


On-premise Data Security for Cloud & Cloud Service Providers

With increased cloud usage, CSPs are taking the role of data controllers and processors and therefore need to ensure secure data storage for their services.


Security for Cloud-stored Data for Cloud & Cloud Service Providers

Data security in the cloud enables CSP’s customers and employees to access data from anywhere, meeting growing customer and organizational demands.


Deployment of Cloud Services

With the increased adoption of public and private cloud environments, organizations need to use cybersecurity solutions that are compliant with the cloud.


Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

Global trends for incorporating cloud technology into digital business plans have resulted in skyrocketing demand for identity and access management tools. These tools ensure the same levels of protection for cloud-stored assets as on-premise assets.


Complete Protection of Digital Infrastructure for Cloud & Cloud Service Providers

The trend for utilizing the cloud for data storage and operations of software and applications continues to thrive. With multiple access points and cloud-based digital infrastructures, complete protection on all levels is required.

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