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Powered by UTIMACO SecurityServer, UTIMACO DKE Anchor and Microsoft Azure Cloud

Adding the Extra Layer of Security to all Data Stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud

Protect your most sensitive data in Azure Cloud by adding an extra layer of security powered by UTIMACO SecurityServer, UTIMACO DKE Anchor and Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular providers of public and private cloud services. Utilizing the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud can provide several benefits such as optimized costs, higher flexibility, and scalability.

With our joint solution, SecurityServer + UTIMACO DKE Anchor and Microsoft Azure Cloud, the extra layer of security is added to reliably secure all Microsoft 365 data stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Preventing any unauthorized access to all data stored in Azure Cloud: UTIMACO SecurityServer + UTIMACO DKE Anchor and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Managed Keys as the standard for securing all data stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud is based on cryptographic keys, which are providing a specific level of security for the data stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud if the access to those keys is only available for authorized users.

UTIMACO is a global provider of trusted cybersecurity and compliance solutions as well as services. We provide on-premises and cloud-based Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that enable secure key generation using strong entropy source (TRNG), storage, and management for the most common business applications. In addition to that we are providing various data protection solutions ensuring highest security to on-premises and cloud stored data.

By utilizing UTIMACO’s General Purpose HSM SecurityServer in conjunction with the Double Key Encryption (DKE) solution UTIMACO DKE Anchor, all data stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud are securely protected against any unauthorized access.

Using SecurityServer as the central root of trust, the encryption keys are generated and stored within the secure boundaries a of tamper protected HSM.

UTIMACO DKE Anchor provides an enhanced security offering for Double Key Encryption (DKE) based on the principle of using two keys for protecting sensitive data in the cloud. One key is stored in SecurityServer, while the other key is hosted in Azure Cloud.


Key Benefits


Significantly higher protection of data stored in Azure Cloud

 compared to the use of Microsoft Managed Keys


Strong randomness of keys

based on True Random Number Generation


Single Pane of Control

for all encryption keys


Compliance with Recommendations

from Microsoft to use an HSM


Certified Operational Environment

compliant to various regulation requirements

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