Building Trust across the eHealth environment

Digital transformation in healthcare has led to innovations such as telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.

Ensuring that the connected environments across hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, medical insurance companies, and further stakeholders are securely protected, is just as important as protecting the patient data itself. Healthcare providers are now forced to rethink their approach in ensuring that generation, storage and sharing of patient data is met with adequate security.

While curing disease and saving lives is the main objective of health care, one of its greatest vulnerabilities is device and data security as well as data privacy - and this remains susceptible to cyber-attack.

eHealth is a broad term covering a great deal of territory and can range from digital patient authentication via health insurance cards, data generation and transmission of smart diagnostic devices to regional systems where patients can access online data through national eHealth application schemes for the purpose of accessing medical records, booking appointments, including ePrescription services. At times, services extend to cross border eHealth information sharing.

As data is generated, shared, and managed by a variety of parties; identity and access management for the connected environments as well as data protection are key attributes across the eHealth infrastructure.

The requirement is not only to ensure that patient data is generated, recorded, processed, and transferred across devices, platforms, and processes in a highly secure way, but also in compliance with legal and user consent.

Use cases

Use cases for eHealth


On-premise Data Security in eHealth

Enabling an efficient but secure usage of sensitive health data across different parties in compliance with data protection regulations.


Security for Cloud-stored eHealth Data

Data security in the cloud enables secure storage, management, protection, sharing, and archival of electronic health records, laboratory, and pharmacy information.


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Consisting of digitally connected devices and applications, IoMT provides highly advanced benefits to both medical staff and patients. Protecting these devices and systems as well as patient health and personal data is crucial.


Digital Authentication via Health-Insurance Card at Medical Offices and in Hospitals

The patient’s health-insurance card serves as the primary authentication tool providing information concerning insurance status as well as access to important data. At every access point, fast, secure, and reliable authentication and data access is essential.


Digital Transmission and Storage of Electronic Health Documents

Having all patient health documents and data available electronically enables a faster exchange of information between doctors, specialists, and medical institutions but it also comes with the responsibility of protecting these electronic health documents.



Providing remote access to healthcare services via electronic communication with cybersecurity features for a secure data exchange.


Technical Trustworthiness for InsurTechs in Medical Insurance Sector

Digital Services and Applications are the accelerators for digital transformation in health insurance. To ensure the trustworthiness of their solutions in handling highly sensitive patient data, InsurTechs need to implement corresponding cyber protection into their offerings.


Complete Protection of Digital Infrastructures in eHealth

Digital transformation has accelerated the development of new application cases in eHealth. Based on digital infrastructures, their protection is dependent on the security of the numerous digital endpoints distributed across various locations.

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